Bird Island for troughs and dams

Bird, small animal and bee rescue system.

Birds can dry off and escape, also works for water trapped wildlife and vermin. Provides clean water for stock, saving time and money.

We also have a safety yellow version which is perfect for backyard pools and large ponds. Click here for the pool version of Bird Island.

Locally invented and produced, Bird Island is durable and UV resistant.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently do not ship outside of Australia.


No-one likes to see unnecessary bird and animal deaths. Especially when it’s preventable.

On top of that, dead birds or animals decaying in cattle troughs threatens the health of your stock causing problems such as botulism, putrefaction and thirst for stock.

This costs you time and money as water sources have to be constantly monitored and cleaned.

The Bird Island Trough Sentinel System provides a floating platform for birds, bees and small animals to easily drink from and climb out of your water source. Preventing birds and small animals from drowning and helping to keep your water source clean.

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Weight 1.44 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 6 cm

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